Are you considering taking the plunge and purchasing a Buy To Let property?
Or perhaps thinking about expanding an existing portfolio?

As an investment property owner himself, James Fielding knows how much time and effort is involved in sourcing a good deal and how important it is to have done your research before committing to purchase. That's why we offer a bespoke property sourcing service to investors.

In a nutshell, we can help you arrange finance, source an investment property to match your criteria (often for less than market price), arrange any necessary refurbishment and thereafter provide the ongoing rental and management of it.

We will initially spend time with you to ascertain your requirements and then assist you with arranging finance (if required). Once this is done, we will spend time with local estate agents and other property contacts, viewing properties on your behalf, negotiating purchase prices and establishing potential rents. Then, we will then present you with a shortlist of viable properties which we believe would suit your requirements.

Once you have a purchase agreed, we can assist you with arranging your solicitors, guide you through the purchase process, upon completion project manage any refurbishment works required and subsequently let and manage the property on your behalf.

The only requirement of the investor would be to sign the necessary paperwork.

Due to ongoing expansion and regeneration, Daventry and the surrounding area is well worth serious consideration by investors - prices are still affordable, growth is fairly good and void periods low due to high tenant demand. Daventry shows excellent prospects for good mid to long term returns.

For more information, please contact James directly to discuss your requirements.