The FP Massive

James Fielding – Director

James grew up with property management – it’s a standing joke that he’s worked in the industry since he was eight years old. Generally found in and around the office from midday onwards (he has an extreme allergy to mornings), his main role is dealing with landlords, property acquisitions for investors and providing buy-to-let advice. James is particularly skilled at delegating the majority of his workload to other members of staff.  
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Nadine Gray – Property Manager

Miss Nads has worked in property management since 2009 and after almost a decade of working for another Daventry agent finally saw the light and joined the Company in 2019. Her role involves carrying out inspections, arranging maintenance, producing inventories and when not doing this she spends her time running around country parks trying to get a PB on Strava.  
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Nick Smith – Property Consultant

Nick joined us in 2019 and should be the first port of call for anyone looking to rent a property in the Daventry area. He’s a big, bad Daventry lad with a background in account management and knows everyone in the town. When not dealing with tenants, he enjoys playing rugby, golf, poker and drinking beer.
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Andrian Juncu – International Relations Manager

You will rarely find Andrian in the office, but he plays a vital part in liaising with the East European community. He has the ability to say “Would you like to rent a house?” and also demand money with menaces in several different languages, has worked with Fielding Properties since the beginning and is also really, really funny when he’s had a few drinks.  
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Hartley Fielding – Junior Partner

Known to everyone as “Larry” (it’s a long story), the Junior Partner helps out during the school holidays and loves getting involved with property refurbishments. Not to be trusted with taking rent payments as he tends to buy Crunchie Bars rather than put it in the bank. One day all this will be his, and that’s when the trouble will start…. 
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James Parratt (aka “Bunter”) - Chief Property Enhancement Officer

He’s not technically staff as he runs his own company - but given the amount of work he does for us, he may as well be. Part of the fourth generation of a local family of builders, Bunter can do everything from putting up a fence panel to building an extension. When not hard at work, he spends his time drinking beer, blowing things up and worrying about his receding hairline.  
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Ray Schmitz - Our Man In The Sun

Ray would rather eat a fly-tipped sofa than set foot in Daventry so very sensibly spends his time on the Costa Blanca in Spain. The director of a successful estate agency in La Mata and fluent in English, German and Spanish, Ray is our contact for clients looking to rent or purchase a holiday home in the area. Don’t ever try and call him between 14.00-17.00 as he’ll be having a siesta.  
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Steve Hasler - Head of Propaganda

The majority of all our adverts, leaflets and social media marketing images have been designed by Steve. If you have been upset or offended by any of the content, then it is entirely his fault and you are welcome to complain to him directly (although we doubt that he will listen). Based in a top-secret bunker somewhere in Northamptonshire, Steve has the ability to take ridiculous ideas and turn them into tangible promotional material in a very short period of time. 
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